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Maria Brinson-Sampson, J.D. C.M.
Divorce and Family Law Mediator
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Welcome to Divorce Mediation.  As a seasoned divorce mediator, I subscribe to the proposition that both parties win when the fighting stops.  This is done with a passion for helping couples navigate the stormy seas of separation and divorce with dignity, respect, and fairness.


🌟 Professional Journey 🌟

With over ten years of experience in the field, I've had the privilege of guiding countless couples through the challenging process of divorce. My journey as a divorce mediator began when I realized the immense need for a more humane and collaborative approach to divorce. Witnessing the emotional toll that adversarial legal battles took on families, I committed myself to becoming a bridge-builder and peacemaker.


🔍 Expertise 🔍

As a dedicated divorce mediator, I've honed my skills in communication, conflict resolution, and negotiation to create a safe and supportive space for couples. My expertise extends to:


💬 Effective Communication: I'm a firm believer in open and honest dialogue. I help couples express their feelings and concerns while actively listening to each other's needs.


🤝 Win-Win starts with Collaborative Solutions.  My approach emphasizes cooperation and consensus-building. I work tirelessly to find common ground and help couples craft mutually beneficial agreements.

⚖️ Legal Understanding: I graduated with a Juris Doctor from St. Mary’s University School of Law, thereby, possessing a deep understanding of divorce laws and regulations, ensuring that the agreements reached are legally sound and fair.

🌟 Philosophy 🌟

My mediation philosophy is built on win-win with empathy and empowerment as its cornerstone.  I firmly believe that divorce doesn't have to be synonymous with bitterness and resentment. By facilitating respectful conversations and fostering  a feeling of fairness, both parties win.   I empower couples to make informed decisions about their future, prioritizing the best interests of their families.


🌟 Get in Touch 🌟

If you're seeking a divorce mediator who values fairness, emotional well-being, and respect, call me.   Divorce is a chapter in your story, so stop the fighting, and start a new chapter, that begins with peace and harmony.

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